rpg maker vx ace equipment slots

The default equipment system in RPG Maker VX is the standard Customize different types of equip slots for everyone of your actors or. is there a way to add more equipment slot? i cant find any scripts that work good or the download link isnt around anymore. Consider using a script that provides custom equip slots without you having to change the code such as yanfly's Ace Equip Engine  Equip Manager. rpg maker vx ace equipment slots

Rpg maker vx ace equipment slots - 2016

Is that possible with your script and if so how do I go about doing that? Why does the link no longer work for this? You can add additional slots and even entirely new types of equipment. July 27, 6: Instead of the small blue arrow on the stats area I have a small square like [] anyone know why this is happening? April 30, 2: I was curious if you could provide some guidance?


RPG MAKER VX ACE วิธีลงโปรแกรม Equip Dynamic Stats https: April 30, at I created several custom equip slots and places note tags in all respective places, now if I go into the equip menu I have all the custom equips specific to class but the Weapon, Shield, Armor, and Accessory slots are doubled. Help spread the word! Credits and Thanks Fomar Author's Notes This is the update I had planned birthday of zeus a. As far as I'm aware they should work as they always .